A Screaming Devil Joins The Ranks Of Mishima For Warzone!

June 16, 2014 by brennon

Mishima were not content with just having the Crimson Devils join their ranks for Warzone: Resurrection by Prodos Games. They've also hired a decidedly more devilish hero in the Screaming Devil who features as part of the new Heroes of the Solar System PDF download...

The Screaming Devil

She's pretty scary looking but insanely awesome at the same time. The Heroes of the Solar System book comes with rules allowing you to make your own heroes using basic Warlords and such but the amount of brilliantly characterful special heroes you can pick from is growing and I can't wait to see some of the Imperial figures.

Her story is pretty creepy it must be said. She was fighting on the battlefield when her Crimson Devil helmet was shattered and she had to wrench it from her face tearing her skin away as she did. The accompanying scream and horrific appearance gave her a chance moment to fight back against her enemy and survive a terrible battle.

I do love the background in this game!

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