Flying Machines & Crazy Concept Art For Wild West Exodus

September 9, 2014 by brennon

Wild West Exodus is seeing a whole burst of miniatures and designs popping up for release in the near future and over on Facebook they showed off this flying machine and more of that concept art we spied towards the end of last week...

Flying Machine (Art)

Flying Machine

First up we have the flying machine mentioned above in both art and miniature form. Quite the cool contraption and looks like they've embraced the Dwarf Gyrocopter idea of design where it's laden with guns and built to go forward and blow stuff up! It appears as if this will join the Lawman faction as an added bit of reinforcement.

Big Crazy Dude

Keeping with the theme of massive amounts of machinery check out the full piece of concept art for this 'big crazy dude' that will be joining one faction or another. More machine than man it appears as if the head might be the only thing that's retained any of its humanity. A rather cool miniature and hopefully it's a big one too!

Outlaw are also running a competition over on their Facebook page to win their new new book Bastion and some of the Wayward Eight miniatures. Go and check it out!

Do you like these mechanical mechanisms?

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