New Ships Boost The X-Wing Miniatures Game From Fantasy Flight

August 2, 2015 by brennon

As if you didn't know this was coming. Some new ships are coming to X-Wing: The Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games. See what you think of these New Ships below, most of which you'll never have heard of! There's then another model, much bigger, to look forward too...

Crazy New Ships

We kick things off with a look at Ghost which not only come with the aforementioned ship but also the smaller Phantom too. Rules will be included within the set allowing you to field these ships as intended.


"The galaxy's most famous VCX-100 – and likely the hardest to detect – the Ghost is a massive, heavily armored, and heavily shielded Rebel vessel that just barely makes it into the game as a large-base ship for Standard Play.

That's not to say that it doesn't still provide a huge impact; the Ghost Expansion Pack brings this pre-painted VCX-100 to life at 1/270 scale as a powerhouse hitter that packs a massive stat line of four attack, zero agility, ten hull, and six shields!"

Next up we turn to the Imperials with the Inquistor's TIE which was used by Darth Vader's trusted servant to hunt down the remaining Jedi.

Inquistors TIE

"Aptly suited to the Inquisitor's formidable skills and the seriousness of his mission, the TIE Advanced prototype featured faster engines, folding s-foils, and a missile launcher capable of firing XX-23 S-Thread Tracers to track prey across the galaxy."

Scum & Villainy are getting two new ships which are also looking very nice indeed. See what you make of the Mist Hunter first off which is a rather interesting looking ship...

Mist Hunter

"The renowned Gand findsman Zuckuss and his signature G-1A starfighter arrive to X-Wing in the Mist HunterExpansion Pack. A modified Byblos Drive Yards G-1A starfighter, the Mist Hunter offered Zuckuss and his droid partner, 4-LOM, all sorts of ways to surprise and capture their prey.

The ship's specialized repulsor lift technology made it surprisingly versatile, and its armament included both a tractor beam and twin assault lasers."

This is followed by a Bounty Hunter ship which was tasked by Darth Vader to hunt down the Millennium Falcon after The Battle Of Hoth, Punishing One...

Punishing One

"Similarly, the Punishing One was also much more than the lightly-armed and crescent-shaped JumpMaster 5000 that it seemed to be. Outfitted with an improved engine bay and upgraded weapons systems, which included torpedo launchers and an astromech gunner, the Punshing One, like its owner, traded away its flair in favor of blunt force."

Transporting TIEs?

Lying in wait we have the Gozanti-Class Cruiser which is quite the ship. It is fairly big too as you might imagine since it has two TIE Fighters that ACTUALLY clip in underneath it allowing you to transport them on the tabletop and then launch against the rebel scum...

Gozanti-Class Cruiser + TIE Fighters

"A highly versatile and heavily armed starship, the Gozanti-class cruiser could function as either a freighter or a cruiser and was used by various organizations across the galaxy. The Empire made extensive use of the Gozanti, though their cruisers featured heavier armor, faster engines, and better weapons than standard versions.

Additionally, Imperial engineers added docking clamps to the ship’s design that allowed it to carry a complement of escort fighters."

That's quite a lot of new ships to look forward to with X-Wing which means they aren't running short of ideas for the game. With that in mind they teased that Force Awakens WILL hold new things for the entire of their Star Wars line-up but what it is, we don't know yet.

Keep an eye on X-Wing!

" has two TIE Fighters that ACTUALLY clip in underneath it allowing you to transport them on the tabletop and then launch against the rebel scum"

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