Talk Business In New Netrunner Mumbad Data Pack

August 28, 2015 by brennon

The newest Data Pack for the Mumbad Cycle in Android: Netrunner has been revealed by Fantasy Flight. The focus of Business First is not only on covering up the misdeeds of your mega corporation but also uncovering them as the Runner. See what you think…

Business First (Card Pack)

The threat to the mega corporations comes in the backlash from the populace on rights for Bioroids and Clones. The Runners will be looking to expose the terrible practises of Jinteki and Has Bioroid while also trying to make sure they don’t get caught and imprisoned, or worse, shot!

Business First (Card Fan)

The EMP Device you see above is a great card in the Anarch repertoire and it gives them some interesting options for bypassing Ice that previously were more in the realm of the Criminal faction. Admittedly it does have the Anarch flare since it is trashed as soon as you use it!

Corporate Scandal

Another card, Corporate Scandal, also keeps the pressure on the Corporations forcing them to alter their plans or face a lot of repercussions. Bad Publicity allows the Runner access to a lot of interesting cards which can cripple the Corporation. In combination with other cards in your deck this could be a powerful tool.

It’s not all in the Runner’s favour however as Corporate Sales Team allows them to keep up a steady stream of revenue on BOTH players turns meaning that plans for the Runner might go wrong when they miscalculate their attacks on servers.

This is looking like a really interesting and thematic set!

"It's not all in the Runner's favour however as Corporate Sales Team allows them to keep up a steady stream of revenue..."