Bushido Previews More Of Their Wave 13 Goodies

July 29, 2013 by brennon

GCT Studios have been unveiling more of their Wave 13 goodies for you to have a gork at. Check out two of their new pieces below for both the Prefecture of Ryu and the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Madoka - Prefecture of Ryu“In times of war the Prefecture of Ryu is able to call upon those loyal to their Takashi Lords, swelling the ranks of the serving ashigaru with Goshi. Madoka wields his long axe in the name of Ryu, hacking down foe with sweeping blows; his courage in battle is soon restored in the presence of a trusted commander.”

Harukichi - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

“A seasoned and cunning tactician in all affairs. His razor sharp mind and unflinching resolve make Harukichi an exceptional businessman and leader. Those in his gumi display an unshakable faith in his decisions and follow his orders without question or pause. Those who follow the Five Fortunes believe that you make your own luck and this is particularly true in Harukichi’s case. It appears to his enemies that should Harukichi will it his followers are able to achieve the most unlikely feats, whilst their own trip, stumble and flail wildly.”

Both are stunning models, something that we’ve come to expect from GCT Studios by now. The paint jobs are great and they have done an amazing job of translating the artwork over into miniature form. One thing I would point out is that Harukichi’s eyebrows do seem to be a little bit bushy!

I’m fairly sure people will be snapping these up as always but how many amongst you will be investing in the Trade Syndicate?

Let me know!