Guild of Harmony Bring Arielle Up from Under the Sea

June 30, 2013 by dracs

We have seen a lot of classic fairy tale characters adapted for a Steampunk setting, but Guild of Harmony have blown many of these out of the water with their beautiful depiction of Ariel.


Yes the little mermaid is all grown up and has found herself a harpoon gun. That singing crab is toast.


Not only have Guild of Harmony shown remarkable constraint in not choosing to depict mermaid at least semi-nude, but they have approached the whole mermaid issue in a brilliantly subtle fashion.

Using the combination of stance and restrictive dress to imply the shape of a fish tail is, I think, one of the most imaginative ways in which I have seen the nature of a character conveyed. Although I can’t help but feel that she is going to trip over in a minute.

What are your thoughts on Guild of Harmony’s take on a classic character?