Red Box Games Preview Some Real Big Bad Wolves

October 3, 2012 by dracs

Red Box Games have published some WIP images of some upcoming wolf miniatures, which look fearsome enough even for a Stark to be proud of them.

Red Box Games - Wolves WIP

Red Box Games - Wolves WIP 2

I think these sculpts are really nice, providing a great sense of menace to these creatures. They would definitely make welcome additions to both fantasy games and Space Wolf armies. Come on, they look like the perfect pet for a space marine.

Of course, if you just can’t wait to cause some canine carnage than you can always pick up Fenris, a ferocious wolf already available from Red Box Games.

Red Box Games - Fenris

Wow. If any of you have seen the film Grey, this wolf would scare off those wolves. Probably Liam Neeson too.

Are any of you looking for a new canine companion?