Get A Clearer Look At The Soldier Sprues For Frostgrave

May 31, 2015 by brennon

North Star have shown off a better look at the new plastic set of Soldiers that will be coming out for Frostgrave. These images below give a clearer indication of what’s on them and how all the pieces are going to look out of the box…

Plastic Soldier Sprue #1

Plastic Soldier Sprue #2

On closer inspection it gives you a nice idea of the types of heads, weapons, accessories and bodies you’ll be getting. I like that, to start with, we have them armoured up in a range of leather and metal as it gives you a sense that they’re a rag tag bunch of mercenaries following these Wizards and not some professional outfit with lots of gold to spare.

The weapon options are also really neat and there are a set of cool ranged weapons as well as melee ones. I think my favourite weapons here would have to be the smaller hand axe and the large sword that would sit across the wielders shoulder.

One problem I do see is that the arms are very bunched up and tight to the model. I know this isn’t a massive problem but it doesn’t create the same sense of animation and motion I would think.

What do you think?

" gives you a sense that they're a rag tag bunch of mercenaries following these Wizards"