Orcy Pirates Take Over the Seas in the Black Sailors Kickstarter

November 26, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Pirates in and of themselves are a force to be reckoned with, but huge, orc pirates… well that’s something else all together!

Black Sailors

“From the deepest seas to the Sto­rm Coast, the Black Sailors raid all in their wake. No village or harbor can sleep in peace. The innocent live in fear knowing their time is coming. Their assault is far from a blade in the shadows. The waters of the harbour tremble with their wild howls as the raid approaches. The louder, the better. The bloodier, the better.

Only the strongest may escape their fury, and live to serve the Black Sailors. The crew does not waste its time with feeble prisoners. Only the rumours of their savagery travel faster than the wind beneath their sails. Those who hear them whisper that their thirst for gold and blood will never be sated. Few know that their plunder is in search of something much greater. Somewhere in the vast cold depths of the sea, shrouded in mystery, lays Old Jack’s Chest…”

Minx Studio/Legion of the Cow LTD has put together a brilliant Kickstarter, Black Sailors- Pirates, Orcs, Fantasy Miniatures! These are 54mm scale, beautifully detailed, resin minis of orc-pirates! The set is to include characters representing The Crew, The Kitchen and The Companions and the minis they have shown so far are awesome!

For the crew, we have Guruk the First Mate, Kaptain Gorak the Red and Papa Jambo the Witch Doctor!

BS Guruk

BS Gorak

BS Papa Jambo

In the kitchen, so far we see Ugg the Troll Cook!

BS Ugg the troll cook

And lastly in the Companions, we see concept art for King Khung the Little Monkey!

BS King Khung

It looks like life one the high seas just got a little more interesting!

What do you think of this orcy pirate crew?

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