The Deathless Rise From Their Graves In Hysterical’s Panzerfauste

June 15, 2016 by brennon

Hysterical Games have posted and update on their Kickstarter page taking about the progress on the Deathless for their rather funky game, Panzerfauste. First up I think we better start with the coolest miniatures from the update, the Zombie Kazak.

Deathless Zombi Kazak

Deathless Zombi Kazak (Alt)

It was impressed upon us within the update that these are rather intimidating against other miniatures in the range. Each Elf stands at 36mm from head to toe meaning they have quite the height advantage over Orcs for example. Twin that with their demonic Nightmare horses who are all muscle and rage and we’ve got a rather awesome unit on the way.

Shambling Deathless

Keeping with the theme of the Deathless we also have these Zombie Elves who will make up the bulk of your force.

Deathless Zombie Elves

You can see them here wandering towards an Orc machine gun. I don’t imagine they’ll stand much of a chance but they are looking good doing it!

Stormin’ Beardlings

It wouldn’t be Panzerfauste without a dose of Dwarves to finish things off. So, here we have Steurmer’s Stormers – the Dwarf Straftruppen.

Steurmer's Stormers

I particularly like the fellow with the machine gun and the big beard – I think he’d be my pick of the bunch. Almost has an ‘Engineer’ look to him, as if he has been bodging all day and is now getting stuck into the fighting.

What do you make of their progress Hysterical have been making?

"Twin that with their demonic Nightmare horses who are all muscle and rage and we've got a rather awesome unit on the way..."