New Sculpts For Warmachine & Hordes Sneak Onto Social Media

November 8, 2017 by brennon

A few more morsels of what lies ahead from the folks at Privateer Press showed up this week on social media. The images below were collected from Advanced Maneuvers showing off some resculpts on the way…


Leading the way we have what many are assuming is a new version of the Deathjack for the forces of Cryx in Warmachine & Hordes. The model looks fantastic and I love the warped and twisted look of the ‘Jack, giving it a dose of personality that you don’t often see.

The unfurling fingers on the left hand look very pleasing!

This fellow is then matched by a new version of Lord Tyrant Hexeris making his way to the tabletop.

Skorne Resculpt

You can see the older version of the model HERE (and below). It looks like he’s got a lot leaner and that double-ended voulge of his looks very deadly.

Lord Tyrant Hexeris

There also seem to be a lot more detail worked into the various armour plates and the model as a whole has been given a bit of a facelift. The actual basis of the sculpt hasn’t changed too much but it looks like a welcome change to make him more battlefield ready.

Finally, we have some artwork for Iona The Unseen.

Iona The Unseen

Presented with her rather dangerous looking bone sword and bone claws she looks like a lady who is made for combat. Hopefully, we do get her in the pose that is shown off in the top left of the image – a perfect pose for someone like Tomas Mennes to play around with when it comes to blood splatters.

What do you think of the new crop of previews?

"I love the warped and twisted look of the 'Jack, giving it a dose of personality that you don't often see..."