Grab A Whole Set Of Steam Powered Scibor Dwarves

April 27, 2013 by brennon

Scibor have unleashed even more Dwarves in Steam Suits from their factory workshops and you can now buy them as a set which you can see below…

Dwarf Steam Armour Set

Some new options are present here as you can see. Some of them include cannon arms, the option for shields and even face plates. I have to profess that despite them being Dwarves I don’t like those face plates and would have to have them all with bare heads.

28mm Scibor Sculpt by Tomek

As well as the new sculpts for the Steam Suits they also revealed an upcoming model from Tomek for their 28mm Fantasy line. Another barbaric humanoid with a penchant for breaking skulls on that might hammer of his.

Will you be picking these up?