Department X Tries to Foil the Schemes of the Argonauts in 7TV

June 6, 2014 by dracs

A bunch of new releases have come out of Crooked Dice for their excellent retro scifi skirmish game 7TV, including a new starter set for the villainous Argonauts.

The Argonauts

Led by the mad Ulysses Argo, this despicable group seek to overthrow humanity in favour of his own machines. The starter set comes with a selection of fantastic models, including Ulysses himself, providing you with all you need to start 7TV.

However, Argo does not go uncontested, as the heroic Department X has had some much anticipated new releases.

Hugo Solomon and Pandora King

Department X Commandos

I genuinely think that these are some of the best sculpts that Crooked Dice have released so far, especially the new version of Hugo Solomon. He's the second iteration of the mini, though I think he looks more like the third.

Do you think you might give 7TV a go?

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