Build A Tabletop Future With Anvil’s Afterlife Volumes

October 3, 2013 by brennon

Anvil Industry have a pretty big project on the cards and it sounds like it could be quite the winner. See what you think of their plans to form a massive narrative world via Afterlife Volumes...

Republic Exo-Mechanised Infantryman

Above is one of their models in the 3D render stage. This Republic Soldier will be designed to have modular armour allowing him to refit with different weapons and armour options on the fly. I think this model is going to look a lot better once it gets to the modelling stage too.

The actual campaign itself, called Afterlife Volumes will provide...

- New range of high quality 28mm scale Science Fiction miniatures.
- Exciting and innovative rules set designed for high speed tactical play.
- Immersive narrative background story with stories , graphic elements and artwork.
- Missions and scenarios which allow players to recreate the ongoing story on the tabletop.

Much like with other projects that floated his idea you will be able to feed back with your reports from battles and other engagements to help shape the world of Afterlife.

Right now they are preparing for Kickstarter so expect to see this launch soon.

What do you think of their prospects?

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