Coming Soon to Backstage… The Sci-Fi Watch Station!

September 1, 2011 by lloyd

Following on from the stupendous success of the paper terrain Town House. The paper terrain guru Dave Graffam has created, exclusively for Beasts of War Backstagers, a unique Sci-Fi Watch Station!

Watch Station Coming Next Week

If you're a Backstage member, you'll be able to download this model (with an exclusive skin) for free!

Watch out for the release soon!

If that's tickled your fancy, then why not take a look at Dave's other Sci-Fi buildings on his store at Dave Graffam Models. Here's a few designs you might have missed.

Remember, if you're a Backstager, the Town House is still available, so that's now two downloads with more to come... but the real question is... can we get Darrell to build this Watch Station?

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