Battle Systems Close In On Their Kickstarter Launch

September 23, 2013 by brennon

Battle Systems have some fantastic terrain on the way and it's just aching to be taken to the tabletop. Before that though there is a Kickstarter campaign on the way and below you can check out some of the awesome kit you could get your hands on.

Battle Systems Terrain

Cloning Vats

Command Centre

As you can see these interior locations are looking superb. They work well with 28mm miniatures as the Mantic Warpath stuff shows here and they would be great for skirmish games. I could see some great scenarios playing out on this stuff.

It helps that the guys behind this project are actually nice chaps who deserve your attention if nothing else. Check out their blooper reel for the Kickstarter video they are putting together above.

Do you think you will be pledging?

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