Bargain Quest Returns for a Second Printing on Kickstarter

August 17, 2018 by cassn

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After the success of its initial run, Bargain Quest is back on Kickstarter for a second printing.

With a revised rulebook, updated hero and employee cards, and the new Black Market Expansion, your shop is guaranteed to be packed full of rich suckers *cough*...ahem...I mean brave heroes, ready to buy their battling items in your establishment.

In Bargain Quest, players draft item cards to display and stock in their shop.  The better the item in the window, the more likely a hero will arrive to sample your wares.

Heroes travel out to fight the monsters plaguing your village (and making your business thrive).  Defeated monsters increase the reputation of your shop, vanquished heroes ensure more customers come to take their place.

Only once all the monsters have finally been defeated and your village is at peace can you finally retire and roll around in your vast fortune, Scrooge McDuck style.

Different heroes like different items and some can cause unfortunate effects (such as the Witch Hunter, who makes you dump all magical items in your shop).

The Kickstarter also unlocks three bonus packs, two of which have been revealed so far.

And with the Black Market Expansion promising new items, this second printing will make old and new Bargain Quest gamers incredibly happy.

As an introductory level board game in the fantasy genre, Bargain Quest excels.

The rules are basic but not so uncomplicated as to become tedious. The points system is simple to understand and easy to follow. But really it is the combination of satirical humour and superb artwork from Victoria Ying which elevate Bargain Quest above other merchant-based board games.

Ten days remain on a Kickstarter that has already hit over 700% of the target goal, and I can easily see that doubling before it finally closes.

Would you rather be the brave hero or the rich merchant?

"This second printing will make old and new Bargain Quest gamers incredibly happy."

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

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