Build The City Of The Future In MegaCity: Oceania

June 23, 2019 by cassn

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Gold Coast, Australia, 2100. Construction of the first oceanic MegaCity begins. Tackling overpopulation and rising sea levels has become the planet’s number one priority. 

MegaCity: Oceania is a tactile 3D city-building game in which players act as architects building towering superstructures on immense floating platforms. Collect contracts, construct buildings and battle for awards in this ruthless business world where prestige points are everything!


Players work together to create one MegaCity in the centre of the board, however MegaCity: Oceania is not a cooperative game, and players are competing to gain contracts and gain the most prestige points through savvy construction methods, such as building the highest structure, building from one singular material, and erecting monuments in Parks.


At the end of the game, players gain awards based on special tasks accomplished and lose points for resources left in their personal pool of supplies. Whoever has the highest total is declared the greatest architect in their new MegaCity!


Megacity: Oceania is a light strategy game which combines dexterity and creativity to create a game board unlike any other. Players can build outside of their turn, so there's little downtime between moves, and a new city is ultimately constructed every game, providing a satisfying gaming experience every time!

MegaCity: Oceania will be available from publisher Hub Games at GenCon 19 later this year. Until then, you can check out the game in more detail on their website.

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"In this ruthless business world where prestige points are everything!"

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