Queen Games Launch Copenhagen: Roll & Write Edition

July 17, 2019 by cassn

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Copenhagen, the quirky polymino city-building game about pattern creation, has joined the plethora of other companies and is releasing a new, trendy roll & write title!


In Copenhagen: Roll & Write, players will still be racing to create columns and rows of buildings, however, the game features a new dice mechanic.

On a players turn, they roll five dice, and then choose as many dice of one colour as they wish, which they can then use to draw shapes and unlock special abilities. Each player receives points for completed rows and columns, and the first player to reach 12 points is the winner!


I've spoken many times about my roll-and-write fatigue and, while there have been exceptions to the rule, Copenhagen: Roll & Write is not one of them.


While the original Copenhagen was an interesting and fun example of a polymino placement board game which deviated from tetris-style mimicry, the roll-and-write edition loses a lot of what made the concept original in the first place. Personally, I would invest in the original, and look for a roll and write with a bit more bite.

However, if you think I'm being a bit too harsh, you can get a closer look at Copenhagen: Roll & Write on Kickstarter here.

How do you feel about roll-and-write editions of games? Comment below!

"Race to create columns and rows of buildings!"

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