The Armies Of Imperial Japan Flood Into Warlord’s Bolt Action

July 14, 2013 by brennon

Warlord Games are getting the tail end of the news on Sunday as well as the head. This time it's a trip to Bolt Action where they are unleashing Armies of Imperial Japan along with a whole host of miniatures...

Armies of Imperial Japan

The book does what the other sourcebooks have done in the past. It will be delving into the armies of Japan in more detail and allowing you to field forces with a lot more variety. As well as that you'll have access to theatres of war too.

Japanese Infantry

Type 3 Chi-Nu

Japanese Tank Crew

As well as the book you can draw on new models to bolster your forces. To make up the main force you have Japanese Infantry, thirty of them, and some of them even wield katana!

Next up we have the chunky little Type 3 Chi-Nu Medium Tank. This vehicle was built to deal with the burly Sherman tank of the allies. Of course every good tank needs a crew and Warlord are supplying the Japanese Tank Crew too.

Will you be taking on the Imperial Japanese?

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