Warlord Bring Some Great Escape Style Bike Action!

June 14, 2013 by dracs

I think we can all agree that the moment where Steve McQueen tries to escape Germany on a motorbike is one of cinema's coolest moments. Well the Germans of Bolt Action are getting two new bikes in the hope that they will look that awesome too.

German Motorcycle

This German Bike, of the sort utilised in the earlier stages of the war, is actually a reworking of a previous Warlord Games miniature. It has been changed to a single casting and features new rider miniatures, including the pinion passenger.

However, when hitching a lift on a motorcycle it doesn't always do to sit on the back. That is where a sidecar comes in handy.

Kradschutzen Motorcycle

As you can see this motorcycle is a bit more than just a fast means of getting about. This is another resculpt, with the model now consisting of fewer components. Still with that gun mount this motorbike becomes a quick and manoeuvrable means of attack, able to out manoeuvre the enemy infantry and then mow them down.

Fancy taking a Bolt Action bike ride?

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