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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course, let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think…

Blogging At This Event:

L'il Musa Miniature & Minicomic

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When my daughter was three she'd run around the house imitating an ax-kick and screaming "Ha-Yaaah!". I drew some chibi style sketches of a little warrior girl and L'il Musa was born.

Then in 2015 I met mini-sculptor Tom Mason. I had been following his work, and much to my surprise he'd been following my web comic "The Legendary Sisters of the Laughing Doggebi." Well we became instant friends and for a couple of years we discussed a collaboration.

I showed him the sketches I'd done of L'il Musa, and he immediately said he'd love to sculpt her. So I'm terrifically excited to introduce Tom's beautiful sculpture via this miniature and the warrior herself via this miniature comic!

L'il Musa and her pet Puggebi are sculpted in 28 mm heroic scale and cast in high quality pewter.

L'il Musa Miniature & Minicomic - Kicktraq Mini

Chronicle X by Archon Studio

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Chronicle X is a 1-7 player tactical board game, set in a Sci-Fi Retro 1980s, tasking players to either control the daring men and women that make up the military organization, Chronicle X, or the Overmind, a ruthless and cunning alien overseeing the invasion of Earth and the end of all human resistance.

The Chronicle X player(s) have a diverse group of heroes to choose from to form their squad, but must also manage the expansion of their base of operations, using what scraps and materials they can to secure a foothold on the planet. The Overmind player has a cadre of alien troops to choose from to overwhelm the Chronicle X players, ensuring they will never save Earth.

Chronicle X by Archon Studio - Kicktraq Mini

Anthro-Adventures Setting For 5E

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Anthro-Adventures, a popular RPG setting in which the Seven Realms of Layna are ruled by animal-human hybrid races, is now available for your 5E campaigns!

Anthro-Adventures Setting For 5E - Kicktraq Mini

Battle of Dallas - Biocyborg War 1

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Each player takes an identity card, but only one player always shows his identity in the game, and the goal is to compete for as many Dallas urban regions as possible.

The winner of each round will get a region. At the beginning, all players will hide their identities except an agreed player who shows the identity. When the game is over, every player will show own identity card, and which camp wins more regions and which camp wins the game.

Battle of Dallas - Biocyborg War 1 - Kicktraq Mini

3D Printable Cars (STL Files)

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What you see here are highly detailed miniature car models optimized for Resin DLP/SLA printing.

They're modelled to look amazing at ~Z-scale (20+/- mm) which is where most car game miniatures sit.

3D Printable Cars (STL Files) - Kicktraq Mini
3D Printable Cars (STL Files)


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Dogtag is the casual party game set in a world where dogs seek online fame by posting to their social media app Dogtag. You play picture and comment cards in the right combinations on a mission to achieve status as the hottest dog in the game.

A splash of pop culture here, and a bucketload of dog puns there, and this is what we get: a fun satire packaged into a heckin’ cute card game.

Dogtag - Kicktraq Mini

Fantasy Football Bret & Humans - Norba Miniatures

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After finishing our previous successful project, we are happy to launch our second Kickstarter project. This time it’s going to be a fantasy football miniature based medieval team, a range that we never released before.

For this work, we are counting, for the first time, with a 3D sculptor. This enables us to offer the best quality miniatures at an unbeatable price.

The miniatures are at heroic scale, 32mm and are resin made. All of them require painting and most of them also mounting.

Fantasy Football Bret & Humans - Norba Miniatures - Kicktraq Mini

Jason Must Live

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Unfriendly & non-cooperative battle card game...

A game of pigs, strategy and dumb superpowers (Sometimes awesome)!

Jason Must Live - Kicktraq Mini
Jason Must Live

Wicked Wonderland -28mm Winter Fantasy

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It's all gone a bit strange at the North Pole this year...

The idea for this Kickstarter struck us during our previous wizards project when our excellent sculptor produced a fantastic ice golem, rather than have yet another add-on in a Kickstarter that had already gotten big enough we decided to start another project. As the previous Kickstarter is well underway and this idea wouldn't have made sense any other time of year we decided to launch it as a Christmas special.

Wicked Wonderland -28mm Winter Fantasy - Kicktraq Mini
Wicked Wonderland -28mm Winter Fantasy

RPG Box / Custom Gaming Boxes / Spell & Ability Trackers

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Hello from Munchkin Metropolis! I've been busy creating fun new things and it's time to kick them off! The goal is modest but will be used to purchase wood panels in the size that I need to complete these pieces and add some stock of those panels to the shop.

If we reach our first stretch, I'll be able to remodel the shop and open up some space.... but if we reach the second stretch goal, I'll be able to add a second laser and be able to do larger pieces! I'm very excited! Throw me some comments and let me know your thoughts on these models. Thanks!

RPG Box / Custom Gaming Boxes / Spell & Ability Trackers - Kicktraq Mini


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ATK! is a 2 player MOBA/Tower Defense style battling game.

Choose 3 Heroes and destroy your opponent's base to become an ATK! champion!


Dimgaard Vol. XXIV - 5e DnD Adventures

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Welcome to the 24th volume of Dimgaard's 5th edition adventures. Thanks for the consideration. These are pdf delivered through

We continue with the 21 episode adventures: Encounters with Gold and Tyranny in Purple. We also have a new instalment in our CR0-20 series; this time the Monster Slayer from XGE, and we introduce a new series with NPCs Vol. 1, which presents more detailed information about NPCs who appear in Dimgaard adventures in a way that makes them useful in any D&D game.

Dimgaard Vol. XXIV - 5e DnD Adventures - Kicktraq Mini

Lycans vs Vampires - The Full Fantasy Backgammon Collection

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The Myth - Our love to this “old time classic” game of skill and strategy mixed in with a little bit of luck, backgammon game, dating back to the earliest civilization - Mesopotamia. Simple yet challenging, your mind and gaming skills simultaneously backgammon has been always one of our favorite free time game!

Combined with our other love: Battles, blood fights, legendary stories, beyond good and bad men. These two great loves lead us creating a unique result: A Fantasy Backgammon Collection.

Lycans vs Vampires - The Full Fantasy Backgammon Collection - Kicktraq Mini

Shoudo: The Scorched Earth Game

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A Japanese-themed strategy game with historic factions and a new board every time.

Shoudo: The Scorched Earth Game - Kicktraq Mini

Aradia Miniatures - Arktikos: Northern Lights

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Through this project, we want to launch a new diorama available in two different scales: 32mm and 75mm. All the figures will be cast in high-quality resin as always.

Our brand explores uncommon fantasy themes, nature and myths. This time we decided to dedicate a diorama to the WINTER season and in particular to the suggestive and fascinating natural spectacle of Northern Lights. The Penguin King has travelled from Antarctica to the Arctic lands in search of the entrance of the legendary kingdom of Agarthi...

Aradia Miniatures - Arktikos: Northern Lights - Kicktraq Mini
Aradia Miniatures - Arktikos: Northern Lights

Christmas Lights Card Game: Relaunch

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Bulbs – working and broken. Screw them on – plug them in. Can you untangle the lights to make them work?

A family card game for 2-4 players.

Christmas Lights Card Game: Relaunch - Kicktraq Mini

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