A Warrior Readies Her Many Blades For Combat In Dark Age

March 15, 2015 by brennon

The folks behind Dark Age showed off another preview model over the last couple of days and this lady really shouldn't be running anywhere at all. Never mind scissors; look at that hand of blades!

Dark Age Frenzied Preview

Some of the comments on the post via Facebook have said that she's one of the Frenzied although if she's from a different career path in the game please let me know! I love the fact that she's fairly normal looking in appearance and then she just has massive bladed hands bound together and ready to kill.

It might be cool to paint her in two different styles. In one style you'd have those blades as actual blades, rusted and covered in blood. In the second style you'd make them shards of crystal and maybe give her a more mutated feel; possibly a bit of object source lighting from the crystals themselves?

What do you think of her?

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