The Future of Dwarf King’s Hold

August 3, 2011 by beerogre

Dwarf King’s Hold: Green Menace… an introductionI thought I’d do a page about where DKH is going, just to keep you nice folk up to date.

This should not be taken as being cast in stone

All manner of real world events can (and probably will) shuffle things about. However, for the moment things look like this:


So far this year we’ve had 2 boxed games to kick off the series really well. We’re also starting to get the first of the fan scenarios and mods, and have had the Zombie rules from me as a free pdf download. All told, a brilliant beginning. Given Mantic’s packed release schedule I’m afraid we won’t see another DKH box this year (I tried both pleading and whining, but Ronnie resisted – he’s a hard man). We will, however, see an FAQ, and a bunch more free additions of rules and (possibly) scenarios from me, plus whatever you guys collectively come up with. I know of at least two more scenarios that are bubbling under at the moment in the throes of being playtested, and plenty more folk have said they’ll look to do scenarios of their own. Get to it guys!

Mantic have a dedicated hub for Dwarf King’s Hold on their site, and I’ll be putting new things here on quirkworthy too. In addition, I’m planning to include some slightly more experimental and tentative new bits here, so if you’re interested then please try them out and pop back with comments.


I’ve spoken about possible expansions in a number of interviews and forums, and the problem for me has been working out how to fit in all the cool stuff I want to include. After some consideration I’ve refined this down into two more big releases for Dwarf King’s Hold. We’ll call them DKH3 and DKH4 for the time being. The first you will definitely see next year, and the second should be crowbarred into the release schedule somewhere – we’re just not sure exactly when yet.

DKH3 & DKH4 are both expansions that will require you to have one or other of the two starter sets (Green Menace or Dead Rising). Each of these expansions will take the game in a very different direction.

DKH3 will include rules for 3 or 4 player games, and greatly expand the available troops for each of the 4 sides. It will include a bunch of new scenarios, but more importantly it will include rules for you to mix and match any of the races into any existing scenario. This means all the scenarios you already have become fresh challenges. For example, you will be able to play the first scenario with Orcs against Dwarfs (defending their ancestral tomb), or perhaps Elves against Abyssal Dwarfs. Oh, did I mention Abyssal Dwarfs? I won’t promise, but I’d like to squeeze in another race or two if there’s room

DKH4 is the furthest away and therefore the fuzziest in terms of exact contents. However, current thinking is that it may be a book instead of a box. Why would we do that? Well, it might be a bit longer than the current rules as it’s going to change the game radically (in concept, not in rules). This is the version of DKH you get your groups of adventurers confronting the teeming mass of dungeon denizens…

Jake Thornton


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