A Mighty Basilisk and a Brutal Boar for BaneLegions

August 21, 2012 by brennon

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BaneLegion are back with a mighty pair of beasts. The utterly gargantuan Mazikilias, Baleful Vasilisk and Baintaac, Vicious Toracx are now available from their webstore...

Báintaac, Vicious Toracx

First up is Baintaac, the wild boar from underneath Chaagmuth which we saw last time from BaneLegion. A perfectly snarling beast with what looks like amazingly detailed hair over its body.

Mazikílías, Baleful Vasilísk

The main attraction though is Mazikílías, Baleful Vasilísk. A living battering ram that also has a stare that could kill. He is a seriously mighty lizard which would make most adventurers quake in their boots.

What do you make of these mighty beasts?

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