Need a Map? Modular Kit For Your Dungeon From Heroic Maps

June 27, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Heroic Maps

There are plenty of people with fantastic imaginations that can conjure the perfect dungeon in their minds. And then there are others (like myself) that quite happily accept some assistance from a map/terrain type product to set the right game mood. Heroic Maps offer a printable, Modular Kit: Dungeon (among countless other types) that looks like it would add the perfect flavour to a dungeon crawl.

Modular Kit

I love the fact that is modular, so you're not locked into a single map that will be the same every time you play it, and it offers plenty of variety. Then there's the fact that it's printable, which offers portability and affordability- 2 points that I think all gamers can find desirable. The kits are sold on on behalf of Heroic Games.

Possible layout

Fancy a dungeon crawl with this modular kit?

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