Let’s Play Blood & Valor: French VS Germans – WWI Miniatures Wargaming!

November 28, 2019 by dignity

It's time to get a good look at Blood & Valor the new World War One miniatures wargame from Firelock Games. In this match up Kai Devane one of the games creators ventures forth with the French into the trenches to face the Germans commanded by Unteroffizer Justin.

Blood & Valor is skirmish game set during the Great War and shares some DNA with Blood & Plunder, so if you've played that game you will feel at home with this game’s mechanics. If you fancy yourself as the next Charles de Gaulle the book is now on pre-order.

Comment To Win!

By commenting on videos from this week you've got a chance to win 1 Of 3 Oak & Iron Core Box Sets.

We are going to be picking one winner from Youtube, one from OnTableTop and another one from amongst our Cult Of Games members so make sure you get involved across all avenues for your best chance to win.

When you enter the Great War, what army will you be fielding?

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