Hobby Night Live: Our Personal Projects [Catch Up Now]

August 11, 2017 by brennon

We hope you joined us for Hobby Night Live alongside the BoW Crew to talk about what we’re painting and shared some tips and techniques with you.

Hobby Night Live Show 4 Main Image

UK 9pm (BST) - Europe 10pm (CEST) - USA 4pm (EDT)

We also wanted to see YOUR work so make sure to get involved with some helpful tips below.

Get Involved

You were able to watch the Livestream via different mediums, so pick your favourite…

…and if you wanted to chat around the hobby this weekend you can use Twitter with the hashtag.


Make sure to check out the Community Projects thread which contains loads of people’s work from the weekend.

Hobby Night Live Community Thread

Additionally, uploading into that forum topic with pictures of what you’re working on might get you up on screen! We pulled images of your work from that thread and showed it off at intervals during the night. We will continue to cover this thread over the next week or so too.

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Keep Sharing Your Work To Win A Hobby God Bag!

The project that really caught our eye will win the coveted and unavailable to buy Hobby God Bag!

Come and join us!

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