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Hobby Weekender Thread 26/05 All connected, old and new :)

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    Hey guys welcome to the hobby weekender! First one on the new site.

    For those of you not familiar with this thread format; it is a virtual hangout to post, chat, and interact on a deeper level than a ‘show and tell’ thread. First we make a pledge as to what we will do this weekend, I shoot up some questions for people to answer to stimulate conversation, we throw up links to music videos, and I dole out points to decide a winner of the thread at the end of the week.

    There are some rules: don’t be a jerk. That’s the main one. If you do not like the format, the style or idea, then please don’t post. Participate! This is an inclusive thread moving on from the weirdness that went on in the past. No swearing, keep things politically correct, no religion, politics or wuss rock. I think that some up most of it.

    Have fun!


    • Question 1: Name one thing you like about the new forum and why you like it
    • Question 2: Name one thing about the new forum you do not like?
    • Question 3: Provide a link to user content on the forum you found pretty cool this week, and why you like it?
    • Question 4: Provide a link to site content on the new site and tell us why you like it.
    • Question 5: Give me some feedback on the Hobby Weekender thread.

    Also with the transition of the last thread, the migration of the old forum into a read only format, Im just gonna go ahead and declare @dawfydd our winner from it since it never finished and never had a change to reach fruition: he did some decent hobby despite a bummed arm. Kudos sir!

    Hmmm…. Is there anything I left out?

    Also, to change up the format, as I am making this into very much my own thing and trying to do something different. Bare in mind these are early days yet with changes and kind of experimental. I will declare a challenge for this Sunday.


    • Question 6: Should I tell people of the challenge now, or wait til Sunday for people to ‘tune in’?


    Also a downright shameless plug on my behalf, check out my project:

    Mage’s Age of Sigmar Dark Elves

    Or don’t if you don’t feel like it.



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    Of course I’ll answer and post my own stuff too, but I’ll give everyone else a headstart.


    ill call the thread to a close Wednesday evening BST at 20:30



    A good morning to you all and thanks @mage for hosting another new style weekender on a new style BoW… seems appropriate really that the Site and the Hobby Weekender get a makeover at roughly the same time.


    Sadly no pledge from me this Weekend, the wife has commandeered the Games Table base, or her dining room table as she calls it, for something  (flippin inconsiderate if you ask me), no idea what it is but its in a big box. On top of that we have the Grandkids for the weekend because the daughter is doing nightshifts and apparently she needs to sleep. I also have a side project of levelling the frets on a mate’s guitar for him although I have no idea of where i’m going to do this. Anyhow I do have a Wild West Exodus Bat Rep from last week I didnt get a chance to post before BoW went down so will post that once i’ve woken up properly due to it being 4 am.

    Anyhoo on to the questions for now.

    1) Well i’m not 100% sure yet. I’ve not really had much time to go through it properly in the last few days so still finding my way around. I do like the game rating/review system is cool although you wont get a proper rating for the games for a while until there are more than one or two ratings on there.

    2) Now this one I picked up on straight away. On the front page there is a box marked “In the Forums” Which only has eight topics at any one time so cycles through pretty quickly. I know you can access the bigger “Latest from the Forums” box by clicking the Forums link, but I would have preferrred the older, bigger, “Latest from the Forums.” to be on the front page.

    3) As I say, i’ve not really had a chance to look through the site properly yet.

    4) Uhhm well I would have given a link for the game rating and review stuff but I cant find it now.

    5) Its getting there. I have already mentioned to you what I thought may be amiss and you have already addressed them. Its a load clearer now, and more concise.


    6) Mmmm methinks wait until Sunday mate, untill you know how many are participating up to that point and whether its worth doing this week or saving it until you have more participants.

    Catch ya later




    Before we show our game from last weekend I would like to talk a little about Wild West Exodus (second edition) to give those who either don’t know much about the game, or don’t think it would appeal to them some idea of what it’s about and why it is our favourite and most played game.

    I won’t delve too much into all the factions themselves, as I tend to ramble and this would be far too long and cumbersome, plus there is a good series of video’s already on Bow covering them. Instead, I’ll  just cover the factions we play and why.

    So what is Wild West Exodus all about? Well, It’s a game set in the Old West (with a twist) just after the civil war that mixes the real life Heroes and Villains of that time with fictional characters, Monsters Shapeshifters, and Aliens.

    The Game revolves around a Substance, a power source called RJ1027 that is used, not only to power vehicles but to enhance weaponry.  With some of the game’s factions trying to destroy it due to its corrupting influence, and some factions making the most of its power.

    The Current factions are: The Hex (RJ1027 corrupted, influenced or mutated humans), The Order (zealots out to eradicate RJ1027 and those corrupted by it), The Warrior Nation (Native Americans, including Shape Shifters), The Union (The American Government and its soldiers and agents), The Enlightened (a consortium of scientists who create their Posse’s from experiments combining RJ1027, machinery and the near dead) The Watchers (Aliens- Nuff said), The Lawmen (The Guys n gals of the west who have made it their mission to protect the general populace from the machinations of the other factions) and finally the Outlaws (made up of disparate bands of thieves and cutthroats, Mexicans/conquistadors, and the remnants of the Confederate army)

    The game itself plays very well and scales beautifully from playing with the half a dozen or so figures that come in the faction boxes to larger games played with 1500 – 2000pt forces. It is fairly easy to learn with the rules well written and frequently updated and streamlined (but not so often that it’s a pain in the ***).

    Essentially, in a turn, a player will draw an Action Card which gives him a random amount of Action Points to use. He then selects a unit (although everything is referred to as a unit whether it be multiple models, single models or vehicles) to activate and spends the points accordingly, up to that unit’s action limit. Apart from movement all stat checks are done on a d10, rolling the dice and adding the particular stat including any positive or negative modifiers. If the score is 10 or greater the roll is a success.

    The game length and victory conditions depend on the scenario played, and there are a number of these in the book and more on the Warcradle website, or you can simply create your own.


    The factions we play at the moment are The Enlightened (Chris, my youngest son), The Outlaws (Matty, my oldest son) and the Lawmen (Yay me).



    Ok, The Lawmen. This is currently my goto faction. It consists of cheaper but fairly weak hands units, to fairly Powerful Characters. You are nearly always outnumbered and can find it very difficult to slip Heavier vehicles into you’re  posse’s – especially in lower point games. I chose them initially because of the cool characters I could field but found they fitted well with my playstyle which was a bonus. The less I have to think about, the less mistakes I make.

    Our Usual game size is 2000pts and in that sized game we will usually take 2 Posse’s.

    Wyatt Earps Themed Posse

    Consisting of:

    Legendary Wyatt Earp + 2 K9 Gun dogs with Gatling guns

    Doc Holiday

    Virgil Earp

    Warren Earp

    Pat Garret

    Morgan Earp



    And a more generic Posse

    Wild Bill Hickok

    Nate Berenger

    4 Deputised Sharpshooters


    It’s a mixed bag, good long ranged shooting from Virgil, Warren, Pat and Morgan, with some mobility from the Interceptor and the Gun Dogs. Wyatt Himself is a little short ranged so it can be a bit risky, but his gun has enough power to destroy vehicles and bypass a number of the abilities characters come with, killing them outright.

    Wild Bill’s Posse is more static, preferring to use its range from Wild Bill and the Sharpshooters, and the powerful AOE effect from Nat Berengers Grenade Launcher to clear an area before advancing and either grabbing objectives un-opposed or moving over to add their firepower to my main Posse.


    Choosing Matty’s force was a little less straight forward due to his Autism. He doesn’t really have a playstyle as such, changing the way he plays from game to game, so we needed a faction that was customisable enough to accommodate that. With the Outlaws being the biggest and most varied faction by far, we eventually settled on them.

    He selected his Posse’s by picking a variety of troops, a good mix of long range and short ranged/close combat guys, and a few vehicles with not only firepower, but transport for his slower footsloggers in mind.

    His force consists of Two full themed Posse’s, Jesse James’ and Johnny Ringo’s.

    Jesse James

    Frank James

    Robert Younger

    Jim Younger

    Cole Younger

    Frontier Outrider



    Johnny Ringo

    Bill Brocius

    4 x bandit Cutthroats

    5x Bandit gunmen

    Jake Williamson

    Apache Kid  (I gave Matty a bit of leeway on this guy because he isn’t actually allowed in this Posse but he looked so sad when I told him that I let him get away with it).

    Dust Cutter




    Scenario:  Convicted of Rustling, Red Bart has been sentenced to hang. Unfortunately the door to his cell was left open by a corrupt deputy in the pay of Jesse James and Red Bart was able to pull off a daring escape, killing both the Sheriff and his own liberator in the fracas that ensued.

    Wyatt Earp has been sent to either recapture Red Bart and return him for his sentence to be carried out or if need be to mete out his own brand of Justice.

    Wyatt and his Posse have been joined by Wild Bill Hickock and his men, and have tracked Red Bart to a small Farmstead a few miles outside of Town, where he has taken refuge. The Lawmen are unsure at this point as to whether the Farmer and his family are being held hostage by the errant Outlaw or if they are in cahoots with him. Until that is made clear, Wyatt has decided that the best course of action is to surround the farmhouse and starve Bart out.

    Unbeknownst to Wyatt, Jesse James and his band of Outlaws has arrived and intends to make sure Bart re-joins their ranks.

    Objective: Take and Hold the Farmhouse

    Victory Conditions: At the end of any turn after turn 3, if a Posse Boss is in Base to Base contact with the Farmhouse and has more units within 6 inches than his opponent and there is no enemy boss within 6 inches he wins the game.


    Deployment: Matty won the Card draw for Initiative and chose to make me start to deploy first so he could move first.

    As the game employs alternate deployment I will just sum up the positions we ended up in.

    Matty: On his far right and on the edge of the forest he placed Robert, Cole and Jim Younger with his Dustcutter just to the left of them. On the right of the Farmhouse he placed Frank James, followed by his five man strong unit of Bandit Gunmen, then came The Apache Kid and Jake Williamson. Behind the Farmhouse he placed his Posse Bosses Jesse James and Johnny Ringo. On the left of the Farmhouse He placed his Frontier Outrider, followed by the Doomsday in the Corn Fields behind the house and rounded up his deployment with Bill Brocius and on his left flank he placed his Bandit cutthroats.

    Me: I wanted to keep my deployment fairly central, hoping to swamp the Farmhouse with units but being outnumbered and seeing how Matty’s own deployment was developing I had to abandon those plans for fear of being outflanked early on in the game. As I went first I had already placed Wild Bill according to my original Plan, which was near the Coral on my side of the table to the left of the Farmhouse. Responding to Matty’s deployment I placed my Interceptor on my far right hoping that its long range would slow the Younger Brothers and maybe even give Frank James something to think about. Next to Wild Bill I placed Nate Berenger, hoping his grenade Launcher would deal with the Dustcutter. Keeping Wild Bill’s Posse together my Deputised Sharpshooters joined them. Centrally and in base to base contact to make the most of the special rule Tinman (giving them +1 to their Amour Save) I place Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp. The rest of the Earps and Pat Garret were set up in pairs (again for the Tinman bonus) ready to get amongst the Barrels for cover. Although it wasn’t ideally how I wanted things, I was pretty pleased with things….except for that flippin Doomsday.


    Turn 1: Matty opened, as expected, by moving the Doomsday through the Cornfields and opened fire. Fortunately there was nothing in range and the shots fell short. On my left flank I moved the Interceptor as far forward as I could, even though it left it in the open, and fired on Frank James. I really didn’t want to advance with the threat of his Sniper Rifle over me. The Interceptor hit and disordered Frank but didn’t kill him, still, I hoped that would keep him out of my hair for a turn. As it happened it did and the rest of the turn, for both of us, was spent moving forward and getting as much as we could in cover… or at least with as many objects between us and the opposing units as we could.

    Turn 2: Again Matty edged the Doomsday forward and opened fire. He wanted to target Wyatt, but he wasn’t within 12” and Wyatt wasn’t the closest character, so he chose Pat Garret as his target. He did manage a single hit out of the six shots he took, but with Pat being in base contact with Wyatt and gaining the Grit bonus from Tinman plus a re-roll using his Fortune Chip, he emerged unscathed. I was somewhat luckier with my Interceptor and it took out The Apache Kid. Unfortunately for me, Matty moved the Dustcutter up, and although he did no damage this turn, I now had three models in danger of heavy fire and needed to win the intiative in Turn 3 or lose a potential 2 models rather than 1.

    Turn 3: I felt a sense of relief when I won the intiative I so desperately needed only to have Matty flip and Adventure Card and steal it from me. Pat Garret disappeared in a hail of bullets from the Doomsday. This left me with a problem, Wyatt had the only gun powerful enough to take down the Doomsday, but it meant moving him closer to it, and without Pat Garret he no longer had the benefit of Tinman, or I could move Wyatt out of danger… but that meant the rest of the Earp Brothers would have to face it. I chose the former and edged Wyatt closer to the Doomsday, managed to hit it twice but failed to damage it.

    Matty kept moving forward, managing to get both Jesse James and Johnny Ringo in base contact with the farmhouse. I countered with the rest of the Earp Brothers who between them managed to wipe out Matty’s Bandit cutthroats. He responded by moving Bill Brocius up to threaten Wyatt and taking out my Interceptor with his Dustcutter. With the threat from Bill Brocius and a newly arrived Iron Horse (where the heck did that come from) I moved Doc Holiday across to get between Wyatt and Bill Brocius and used Wyatts Gundogs to do the same with the Doomsday.

    Nothing seemed to be happening on the other side of the table. Neither of us seemed to able to gain any advantage, both of us either missing or failing to wound.

    Turn 4: At last I gained the initiative and Matty had nothing to relieve me of it. I tried a shot from Wyatt on the Doosday but it was proving tougher than normal. In turn the huge machine took out a Gundog. With little to shoot at the Earps spent the turn getting into better positions, Virgil, the only one with a target managing to take out the Iron Horse, but not before it killed the last Gundog. Doc managed to Disorder Jesse James but ended up becoming Disordered himself by Bill Brocius with Jesse James finally finishing him off.

    Turn 5: I gained the Initiative again and tried to take down the Doomsday with Wyatt, I failed again to do any damage. The doomsday, finally getting the bead on Wyatt it wanted, opened fire, scoring two critical hits. Wyatt saved one but the other left him Disordered. Bill Brocius tried a shot on Virgil Earp but missed. Then Matty, with a huge grin, moved Jesse up and killed Wyatt. With Matty having Johnny Ringo in base contact and more units closer to the Farmhouse and with me unable to get Wild Bill close enough by the end of the turn, we called it a day.

    Victory to Matty.





    It’s the Weekend… 2.0 … and in the absence of a Weekender I guess I’ll give this a try. Haven’t done one of these for a while and a good chance to try out some of the new feel. Great questions btw!

    Pledge:: i hereby pledge that I will consider thinking about planning to try to find some time and motivation to start painting my growing SW:L rebels collection, mostly cleaned and primed.

    Question 1: Early days yet, but hoping the ability to control my own contributions (editing posts, drafting new threads etc) will remove some old frustrations.

    Question 2: Right now… The big banner on the home page that occupies 80% of my tablet screen and the lack of intuitive navigability. I hoped that finding my way round the site would have improved, but there are still bits of menus dotted about the pages that I have to track down.

    Question 3: Picked this post from WAYPN by @amachan. Great paint job but also fantastic 360° presentations!

    Question 4: Ben’s review of Gloomhaven. Shows some of the new site capability and helpful discussion about the game in the comments.
    Question 5: Good start with the new site!

    Question 6: leave it ’til Sunday.

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    Havn’t had a good chance to look round BOW2.0 properly yet, but it’s certainly snazzier  than it was before 🙂

    As to hobby I pulled my finger out, shifted the stuff blocking access to my painting desk and have made start on one newly built Relic Contemptor for my Space Wolves. Hopefully I can make some inroads into painting both this and the Wolf Guard I had on the desk over the weekend 🙂

    View post on



    So made some progress on Ragnar (mostly in  the bling department)

    View post on

    and got a start on the Contemptor

    View post on

    oh, and I’ve managed to get another 5 Fenrisian Wolves built, just need to slap some primer on  then I think I’ll  be ready to start painting all 12 🙂




    @coxjul Welcome Sir.  I’m having the same issues, the layout takes some getting used to. Also a bit puzzled as to why the breaking news stuff is split up like it is. I suppose we’ll get used to it eventually 😀

    @mage Excellent work on the Dark Elves mate, love the darker tones you’ve used.

    @dawfydd Ive tried to move the stuff blocking access to my games table but she won’t budge 😀 Hows the arm?

    Ragnars coming along nicely , and definately looking forward to see how the Dreadnought (I’m assuming thats what it is) turns out.



    Hey guys,

    Been absent today. Took my son to his first convention, a lego convention at that. For a four year old it kept his attention for some time. We were there for three or four hours. A lot of driving today as I had him for just the day. Sitting down for the last little while and just winding down.

    Ill post pictures of the lego convention soon ish.

    For now on to responses and points!

    @biggabum (50 points)

    20 points for first post. Yeah, I know, its deliberately a lot.

    Whats with this life thing getting in the way of our hobby time eh? Joking aside it sounds like you have a lot going on this weekend. Stick around and make the odd post sure! Give feedback to people and chat away with us.

    1) 10 points, I compltely agree. Im going to wait until I have a quiet night shift and start rating games. It will keep my brain fresh at four or five in the morning.

    2) I did not notice that, good observation. 10 points.

    3) Sure, get back to us with that one!

    4) Take your time sure. You have all week / weekend.

    5) Thanks! Stress has made my memory not great lately. I cannot recall our conversation. Was that with the PMs? 5 points

    6) I shall! 5 points.

    The batrep is quite long. I shall go through it tomorrow, but you shall get some amount of points for it.

    @coxjul (75 points)

    Nummer zwei ja! I mean, yes Mk5 points) II. Thanks for joining in! Apologies for my lack of posting today, I’ve been quite the busy bee. Buzz buzz. Glad to have you here! And thanks for the feedback on Qs. 15 points.

    10 points for the pledge.

    Question 1: 5 points, what were your old frustrations?

    Question 2: Its quite… loud, visually. 10 points.

    Question 3: 10 points, great pic. Damn, I love the rotation. How does one do that? The eyes on the owl are mind blowing!

    Question 4: I will really need to check that out. 15 points.

    Question 5: With using the new site as the focus of questions? Specifically this thread I meant, with Question 5.

    Question 6: Will do, 5 points.

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    @dawfydd (35 points)

    Love the new avatar, 15 points. Kup is the stuff! Tis snazzier all around?

    10 points for Ragnar so far

    10 for the Contemptor – looking excellent!

    Get some pics up when you start with the primer sure!

    Also answers to questions will earn more points… tee hee

    @biggabum (10 points)

    Thanks for the feedback on the Project Log, it is appreciated. 10 points for feedback to other people.



    A slightly earlier post of the Sunday Challenge. An iron man challenge to finish as much work as possible in a short amount of time. Success will be measured in miniatures that have been completely painted. Ill use a rough ad hoc system. One infantry model is 1 Sunday Iron Man Painting point (Or SIMP), a character is five, a monster/dreadnought is ten, a tank is 15, a big tank is 20, something like that. Its not a mathematical thing really…

    Ok so my pledge:

    So, my virtual pledge components.

    (1) Keep the weekender thread frequently updated
    (2) Post the Sunday Challenge
    (3) Post up my hobby work
    (4) Post up Lego Convention pictures, either here or in its own thread
    (5) Update my Dark Elf Project Log

    Actual Hobby:

    (1) Repair Damaged Knights of Blood (Blood Angels Successor Chapter)
    (2) Assemble the new flyer kit for them.
    (3) Post up a thread about it in an army list discussion
    (4) Repurpose old models for same army
    (5) Work on my Early Post Heresy Dark Angels army
    (6) Assemble a Middle Earth Dragon
    (7) Watch GKR tutorials
    (8) Play GKR
    (9) Do a hobby night with a friend
    (10) Play d and d (Tuesday)
    (11) Play a game of 40k (during the week)
    (12) Post up picks of my completed model from last weekends pledge
    (13) Prime my Dark Angels and flyer kit
    (14) Work on my 10 Dark Elf Models (Mengil Manhides Manflayers)
    (15) Find a suitable stormshield, bolter, poweraxe and powersword (Blade Enarmiens for the last two)
    (16) Fix my mothers ornament
    (17) Paint my friends ornament
    (18) Green stuff my ogre
    (19) Do some Retro Gaming (Earthbound and 7th Saga on an emulator)

    I think that is all for now…



    Well I think this may be as far as I get this weekend on the painting front. I think they are both coming together though. What do you folks think?

    View post on

    I did sign up to a local Infinity tournament for the 10th of June though, and brave chaps they are have said it being my first time actually playing a game of Infinity will be fine 😀

    Anyway, some hobby pledges:

    • Complete some of the challenges in Steam’s Spring Cleaning event (basically an excuse to play some of the older games in your Steam library)
    • Get the Leviathan Dreadnought for my Crimson Fists built
    • Play more of the Battletech videogame. Just played a mission where you get some SLDF mechs and its GLORIOUS.
    • Strip the primer off the last batch of Deathwatch I sprayed. It game out very gritty but on the upside that should mean it doesn’t take much to strip. Back to GW Chaos Black it is 🙂
    • Get cracking and build this bad boy:

    View post on

    • Get onto Army V and start list building for this Infinity tournament in two weeks. Currently trying to decide on which faction, or to do a Sectoral….


    @dawfydd (

    The thread will be going on for longer than just the weekend so keep posting away throughout the week if you can.

    They are coming along nicely. 20 points, ten each. How complete are they?

    Best of luck with the tournament when it comes up. Take plenty of pictures if you can!

    That Steam Challenge sounds fun. I might get takeout and play Ocarine of Time later this evening.

    I love me some Crimson Fists.

    More Battletech? Cool!

    Did the priming go askew on the Deatwatch?

    Tell us more about that Gundam Kit, please.

    ‘Army V’ or your fifth army? Tell me more about your thinking behind the infinity faction selection. Points may be involved lol.


    Right, Im off. Breakdfast is done and hobby time is now.



    @mage groovy, will post what I can 👍

    so Ragnar is pretty much done for base colours, next step will be tidying up before the wash stage then I’ll be going back to give him some extra “oomph”. The Contemptor needs some bolt gun metal, then again a tidy before the wash stage. I’m thinking he’ll get Agrax & Nuln oil as I want it to look darker than everyone else – there’s some fluff that the Wolves consider Contemptors to be cursed and ill omens so   I’m aiming for a more sinister look…

    Yeah, the Steam challenge is fun. It’s a good excuse to load up some games that have just been sat in the library to get a feel for how they play. So far I’ve tried the opening of Tyranny (RPG from the bods at Obsidian where you are part of The Overlords army), Godeater 2 (gonzo J-actioner in the Monster Hunter mold, has a nuts anime…) and reloaded Audiosurf to see what runs my current music collection would build 😉

    Deathwatch – yeah, I used a primer I picked up at Salute that was supposed to be a cheaper alternative to GW that for the same results. It may have been me not shaking it enough but coverage ranged from excellent to grainy & powdery on the same mini. Should probably have used one model as a test first, but live & learn 🤣

    The kit is 1/144 representation of the classic RX-78-2 from Mobile Suit Gundam, in Bandai’s Real Grade (or RG) format. RG is designed as the premium kit at this scale, and has been used this showcase a number of suits from across the Gundam franchise. This was s my first attempt at one of these kits and I’m looking forward to it after mainly building High Grade kits.

    Army V is Corvus Bellis official (free) online army building tool that is linked to their ITS system. I’ve actually got 500+ points for all the factions except Tohaa, and all of those are painted except for Combined. I’ve got the list of missions we are going to play (300pt Limited) so might build some lists in each faction to see what I like the look of. Sorely tempted to try and fit a TAG in somewhere though 🤔




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