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Reducing scale without changing systems – Is it possible?

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    Ok just seen this my two pence worth… Yes changing scales is possible with the same rules. it should be encouraged, and 6mm is the way to go for larger battles. On the subject of SAGA I am actually no so convinced the maximum amount of minis is around 40 and it’s a skirmish game. It is certainly possible you could do it one of two ways add more men on smaller bases, or use the standard size SAGA base and add several men to that.and still play it as if single figure represented a group.

    For Napoleonics 6mm is definitely the way to go

    On other games in Field of Glory it contains the conversation tables from 6mm to 28mm

    Black powder is as I recall not about the figures but the bases same with Kings of War

    Chain of Command has a ground scale that fits exactly to 15mm and can be played at 28mm

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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