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Runewars: Is it played in your area?

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    I’m seriously tempted by Saga age of Magic.  Really want to do an Elder Scrolls game and I think that Saga will suit it really well.


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    I’ve seen one starter box for sale in one of the half dozen game stores in North East England.  It’s still there.  In the UK the price is pretty prohibitive and it was never going to challenge AoS or KoW as a wargame.  There may be some home gamers who play it, but I’ve never met one.


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    Looks like this game had too many factors against it to properly make its way off the starting line.


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    It wouldn’t be the first game to fail to gather enough momentum to make it a (commercial) success.
    Fantasy/Fictional wargames tend to have the disadvantage of not having any use outside of their respective systems/settings.

    I’ve seen the core box at a few shops, but I don’t know if there are any people actually playing it.
    Part of the problem may be that the few shops I’ve seen it in don’t have a lot of add-ons for sale either, which may stop people from getting into it.

    I’ve seen Legion at a recent (board)game convention. It also has the advantage that it can benefit from any additional Star Wars movies/series as and when they get released.

    Runewars doesn’t have that option, so unless FFG reboots the system I doubt it will grow. OTOH … just because a system isn’t selling that doesn’t mean there isn’t a community somewhere. And as hinted … maybe the boardgame type of gamers don’t gather in groups like wargamers do.

    It makes me wonder what ‘a song of ice and fire’ is like community-wise. Although that too may get additional exposure when more GoT-related content is released (like the pre-GoT era books).

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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