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Thoughts on Citadel Contrast Paint

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    @mkultra99: We shouldn’t be ashamed of our painted minis, it’s true, but nor should we be ashamed of our unpainted ones.  This is a hobby, not a source of societal judgement.  Shame shouldn’t come into it.  For the vast majority of people the minis are bought for playing games with.  And that’s it.  People shouldn’t be pressured into having to paint them any more than they should be shamed for not painting well enough.


    Do minis look better painted?   Definitely.  Can painting minis be a satisfying process?  Of course.  But for some people it is simply not an enjoyable one, even when satisfaction with the paintjob  is removed from the equation and if you force people to do something they hate in the pursuit of meeting  a communities standards, then thats why people stop playing games and communities fall apart.


    Less judgement, and more enjoyment is what is needed, and if Contrast paints can help that, then fair play to GW.

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    @theamazingmrg Nailed it!  Painting, for me, is a necessary chore.  I know I could play with grey plastic but I’d rather play with (badly, if i did them) painted miniatures.  I hate the hours slaving over a painting table.  These will speed up my painting, they won’t make me better, just quicker

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    I had a play with contrast in the week before release. This is the Stormcast I did just experimenting with some colours I knew I’d want to use on future projects (not all at the same time as here!). They definitely require neatness in application. Adding a few highlights and some weathering really helps bring the model together.IMG_3277IMG_3279

    Then, the other weekend, I did my first test model in my chosen Barak-Thryng scheme for my Kharadron Overlords. Really happy with how they turn out. Again, with a little extra highlighting.IMG_3342

    For me contrast is the tool I’ll use for getting squads painted quickly, allowing me to get armies built while still affording me time for all the conversions and character painting that I really enjoy.


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    ok maybe one vid ( I have to do something at work). I think this one explains contrast paints better than any others and it’s not all about one thick coat


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