North Star Preview New Frostgrave Wizards & Warriors

April 11, 2016 by brennon

North Star have previewed just some of the metal figures that will be appearing when they launch the next Frostgrave Nickstarter (pre-order campaign) alongside Osprey this Summer. Some interesting spellcasters are on the way...

New Frostgrave Wizards #1

Here we have a pair of Wizards with one of them being a rather bestial fellow. I could imagine him being a shape-changer of some description and the figure on the right hand side is his apprentice. It would certainly fit into the wild world that they're looking to in Frostgrave.

It has been labelled as a new Wizard class so one assumes Druid. Following on from this pair we also have these Wizards who will be good alternatives to the ones we already have at our disposal.

New Frostgrave Wizards #2Maybe you could even meet them as NPC-style characters during your games.

Last but not least we have some more Soldiers.

New Frostgrave Soldiers

As you know the Sellsword expansion to Frostgrave allows you to drop the Wizard and take a more marshal approach to Frostgrave if you wish. This character on the right would be great for that but they could easily also support a well paying Wizard too.

What do you make of the new metal models?

"I could see this pair being young and impetuous Wizards who might have left their Masters service a little too quickly and take far too many risks in the magical ruins of Frostgrave..."

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