The Age of Legends Has Begun As Godslayer Launches

October 1, 2012 by brennon

The fantasy skirmish game from Megalith Games, Godslayer has finally been released! Each faction has now been given a starter set, and you can even grab the rules in a nice book now too!

Godslayer Art

Check out some of the box sets and the miniatures they contain below...

Nordgaard Starter Set

Mortans Starter Set

Halodynes Starter Set

My favourite has to be the Nordgaard, but that might be slightly tarnished by the fact I love Dwarves! The Mortans are close behind though with their Roman styled warriors and brutal background. Don't forget you can still download the Quick Start Rules for free on their website to test the game before you buy.

Head over to their Mail Order section and grab a box!

Will you be jumping into the world of Godslayer?

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