Hasslefree Cover Sci-Fi and Fantasy for April

April 2, 2012 by brennon

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Check out some more new releases from Hasslefree Miniatures for the start of April. We had seen these before on the workbench but finally they are for sale! Some great models that could certainly find a home on my tabletop.

Hayden (Resin)

First up is this Sci-Fi version of Hayden. The base model is the same as the female slayer but with the added P90 it certainly would make a fantastic model for futuristic role playing.


Next is Alicia, the perfect Fantasy role play character! Would look great as a range of classes for your dungeon running adventures. The dress too looks great for some interesting and detailed free hand work.

Phil the Go-Fer

And finally is Phil the Go-Fer. This lumbering Ogre had been recently named through their community and looks a great model for both the fantasy wargamer and role player. How about a quest where he has stuffed one of your Halfling friends into his bag and run off into the forests?

Which would you pick up?

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