FireForge Games Arm Their Templars For An On-Foot Battle

January 31, 2013 by brennon

FireForge Games are continuing their conquest of the Holy Land and this time it's with Templar Infantry. Check out the sprues and some of the ways you can put them together below...

Templar Infantry #1

Templar Infantry #2

Templar Infantry #3

I love the cloaked and robed models! I often find that any model is made ten times better when he has a cloak or hood about him and a whole bunch of warriors like the Templars certainly deserve to look epic.

As you can see there is a vast selection of options on offer and many different poses so you can have a truly diverse and cinematic looking regiment of these soldiers. If you want to see what the sprues have to offer then check two out below...

Templar Infantry Sprues

I can imagine a fair few people are going to have a bit of fun coming up with their perfect combination of these troops and maybe more people will begin playing Deus Vult?

What do you think?

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