Privateer Press Gives Us A Two Player Set For High Command

May 15, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Privateer Press has released a new 2 player starter set for their combat card game, High Command. In this set called High Command Rapid Engagement, you get...

Rapid Engagement

  • Pre-constructed Army Decks: Khador and Circle Orboros
  • Winds of War Deck detailing the events that shape the continental conflict.
  • NEW Location Deck featuring key cities and landmarks across the Iron Kingdoms.
  • Rapid Engagement Caeds

    This new set is fully compatible with either of the current Warmachine High Command or Hordes High Command core sets. I imagine these games would be perfect for any fan of "Warmahordes" and could scratch that itch when needed. We have found ourselves delving into different card systems when we want to do some quick combat and they are easy to carry to get a game in just about anywhere

    Is there a battle in the cards for you?

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