Lord Arbiter Hexeris on Wayland Games

September 5, 2011 by beerogre

It looks like there may have been an early scoop on one of the new epic Warlocks from Hordes: Dominiation... and from none other than Wayland Games!

Check him out... Lord Arbiter Hexeris...

They've also got the PP blurb to tell us what this guy might get up to:

Through cunning, raw power, political acumen, and tactical genius, Lord Arbiter Hexeris has furthered his own schemes while simultaneously strengthening the Skorne Empire. The lord arbiters occult knowledge goes well beyond the lore of the skorne, and no enemy arcanist is safe from his vampiric thirst for mystical secrets. To oppose him in battle is to be sapped of arcane power as he steals and transforms the energies of his foes.

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