Worship At The Demonic Cabal With Mongoose Publishing

April 11, 2013 by brennon

Mongoose Publishing are continuing the Judge Dredd love with a look at a new squad, the Demonic Cabal. Check out some of the miniatures for this new group of miscreants below...

Demonic Cabal Leader

Demonic Cabal

Demonic Cabal Mutant"The Demonic Cabal is a suitable force for anyone who likes their games a little less predictable. Sometimes you will find everything works out for you and summonings go off without a hitch. During other fights, you may find your cabalists are their own worst enemy!"

They certainly look like an awesome side to field in the world of Judge Dredd. Mega City One could always use some weird fellows that worship strange Gods and ask people to sacrifice their souls to the darkness!

Will you be joining them?

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