Scoundrels Of Skullport Adds More Quests For Waterdeep Lords

September 7, 2013 by brennon

Dungeons & Dragons and Lords of Waterdeep has been a big winner on the board game scene and it's easy to see why. You get all the awesomeness of questing without needing a Dungeon Master! See what you think of some of the art that went into the quests for this game...

Defend the Lanceboard Room

Defend the Yawning Portal

Steal Gems from the Bone Throne

Survive a Meeting with Halaster

As you can see it pays to take a look at the artwork on these cards as well as the quest rewards and how much you need to spend to complete them! The game is awesome addicting fun and it's great to see all these interesting locations coming together.

I would love to see them go beyond the borders of Waterdeep. Maybe there is something to be said about an additional game set in Baldur's Gate too?

Have you been questing in Waterdeep?

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