Lucid Eye Keep Up Their Intense Release Schedule

December 5, 2017 by thisisazrael

The team at Lucid Eye have been previewing lots of minis and we've got a fresh look at another two finished models.

In November we previewed this mini from The Red Book of The Elf King and now we get a chance to see him fully formed.

Lucid Eye Salian Trollblood Of The Sarland March

"Salian Trollblood Of The Sarland March" to me, he looks full of disdain and he looks down on everyone in his sight.

"Salian Trollblood is an Elf apart, although he is still a member of the royal household. Salian is full of strange fascinations which abhor the other Circles. From his Manse, he uses the arts to spy upon his kin and is a dangerous adversary who demands complete subjugation from his Companions."

The details on his armour and particularly the weave around his clothing in particular stand out.

We also got to see "Mother Matilda The Blind Nun" become available for purchase.

Lucid Eye Mother Matilda The Blind Nun

"Mother Matilda, the mysterious Blind Nun, beckons the Sleepers towards her with promised whispers of insight. Vistas of beautiful worlds crystallize in the air, momentarily, before dissipating."

Both minis are 28mm white metal with 30mm bases.

Lucid Eye really has an eclectic range of miniatures now with Sci-Fi, Weird, Fantasy and even Ancient all covered.

What do you think of these new additions?

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