MaxMini’s Green Alliance Stomp Around in Walker Tanks!

September 16, 2014 by dracs

MaxMini have enjoyed a great level of success with their Kickstarter and have recently unlocked the mighty, stomping tread of biped tanks!

Green Alliance Biped Tanks

The concepts sketches MaxMini have shown off depict two different walker tank variants. I would almost say that they look too well made to be orcish, but they are still very cool and fit in well with the rest of the Green Alliance.

These biped tanks could be unique alternative models for armies of space orcs, but they could more easily suit games such as Dust Tactics and Secrets of the Third Reich. Whatever game they are finally used in, the models themselves promise to be impressive miniatures.

Do these Biped Tanks tempt you to chip into the Green Alliance Kickstarter?

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