New Big Chunky Tanks Roll Out Of Ramshackle Games

April 18, 2017 by brennon

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Ramshackle Games are rolling out two new big tanks for you to play around with on the tabletop with the Battle Cat and the Rhebok Support Vehicle, Pelovoris. We'll start by taking a look at the Battle Cat...


This massive tank comes with the two side sponson guns that you see there as well as the main battle cannon or gatling gun that adorns the front. You can also choose some different armour styles if you so desire too.


This is a rather good looking tank to drop into your Astra Militarum force or simply do as they have here and drag it into a post-apocalyptic setting. Of course one of the other ways to view this tank is to use it as the basis for an Ork vehicle!

Rhebok Support Vehicle

This vehicle looks like it's made for clearing the way through the rubble and blasting the enemy as it does so.


As well as the bull bars that you see there on the front, perfect for getting rid of those space cattle that stand in the road, they also have a plough option for you to consider.



I think that I'd have to go with the big plough on the front and then cover it in graffiti or something to show the crew putting their personal stamp on the vehicle, especially if it was driven by Orks.

While Ramshackle has gone for a battered paint scheme here it would be neat to see this tank done in a more polished way too.

Maybe you'll pick these up and show them off?

"Of course one of the other ways to view this tank is to use it as the basis for an Ork vehicle!"

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