A Buggy Freebooter Gathers His Arms for ShadowSea

June 2, 2014 by dracs

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AntiMatter Games are currently working on the sculpt for an insectoid freebooter named Clal-Chk, a multi-limbed mini for ShadowSea who carries a variety of different weapons with him to battle.

Clal-Chk Freebooter Art

According to AntiMatter, the musket he carries is one he has stolen, along with the more high tech side arms he wields. Essentially he has whatever weapon he needs to get the job done.

Clal-Chk Freebooter

Clal-Chk Freebooter Back

Clal-Chk Freebooter Side

This WIP shows off a great level of detail, even more than was promised in the concept art I think.

The latest pieces for ShadowSea are just about done, and AntiMatter will be sending it out to backers soon. The rulebook itself is currently being printed and I hope we get a chance to see what the rules system is like.

How do you think this insect freebooter is shaping up?

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