Heroes of Super Dungeon Explore Battle Upon the PvP Arena Mat

July 4, 2014 by dracs

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Soda Pop Miniatures have released a new gaming mat upon which the heroes of Super Dungeon Explore can engage in games of PvP Arena. It's time to battle it out at Privy's End.

PvP Arena Matt Privys End

Deep within the dark and dank dungeons of Crystalia Heroes hone their skills in fierce combat against one another. Privy's End is as renowned for its stench as the legendary battles that have been held there. Some even surmise that the battles are all the more deadly as combatants seek to finish their match quickly to find fresh air.

The mat itself is a high quality rubber terrain piece, with great detail printed on its surface that provides you with an instant, dynamic playing surface for your games.

I haven't come across the PvP Arena version of Super Dungeon Explore, but it sounds like a fun alternative to help mix up your game. This arena is an excellent way to get gaming quickly, and I'm sure it could find use in RPG sessions as well.

If you want to try PvP Arena you can find the rules here.

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