Shatter Enemy Lines With Gripping Beasts’ Roman Cataphracts

June 6, 2018 by brennon

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Gripping Beast keep the ball rolling and the armies building for SAGA and Aetius & Arthur as they added their Roman Cataphracts to their webstore.

Roman Cataphracts - Gripping Beast

The set gives you eight of these riders that would have been brought in to serve the Roman Empire during the period. The set gives you a mix of different horse bodies with some fully barded whilst others are only clad in half the amount of armour.

Roman Cataphracts Painted #1 - Gripping Beast

They are a legendary unit for your warbands in Aetius & Arthur, heavy cavalry who could charge through the breach and smash apart enemy lines with their powerful horses. They also carry spears for riding down their foes.

Roman Cataphracts Painted #2 - Gripping Beast

I'm not sure if the shields really were meant to be that small, but I'm sure one of you history buffs in the comments will be able to tell me whether or not that is accurate. They seem a bit small considering the size of these horses and the armour they're wearing.

What do you think of the set?

"They are a legendary unit for your warbands in Aetius & Arthur..."

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