Kick Off on Deep-Cut’s New Grass Fantasy Football Mat

June 18, 2014 by dracs

Deep-Cut Studio have released a new grass themed gaming mat for you to roll out and get ready for kick off in your games of fantasy football.

Grass Fantasy Football Mat

The pitch is made of non-textured PVC, coming in at 60 x 75 cm in breadth and length. The pitch image itself has a good degree of detail, featuring score trackers, a section marked off for the bench, K.O'd players and even a morgue.

Grass Fantasy Football Mat Morgue

Grass Fantasy Football Mat Score Track

It even has worn patches, making the gaming mat more like a living piece of terrain than just a green gaming board.

Grass Fantasy Football Mat Worn Centre

Deep-Cut seem to have produced a good, practical gaming surface for any grid based fantasy football games you might care to mention. It has been stated that this is the first of a range of new fantasy football mats, which probably means our games are going to be taken to some more exotic locations in the future.

What sort of gaming pitch do you want them to make next?

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