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Terrain Challenge – Shanty Town

Terrain Challenge – Shanty Town

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Painting A Shanty hut

Tutoring 7
Skill 5
Idea 4

As promised here is the full painting video of how I paint these.

Weirdly enough making this times what I do and I have to say I must be slow at building and painting. You can see in the vids I don’t know how as I am always doing something.

Assembling a hut takes up to 30 minutes building it takes 2 hours and painting it takes 4 hour. That’s 6 hours 30 minutes per hut. I know if I was not filming I would go a bit faster but I would say about 5 hours per building. That seems crazy…

Anyways, enough of my time rant. I am not in this hobby to make money I do it for enjoyment! This has been certainly fun to paint. Here is the video, again sped up 4 times.

I used:

  • Cheap Poundland spray-paint grey and black.
  • Airbrush
  • Brushes
  • Toothpick
  • Hair dryer (borrowed/stolen from wife)
  • Vallejo paints, matt varnish and streaking grime effect paint.
  • Homemade airbrush medium
  • Cheap masking tape
  • Model masking tape

Possibly some other things. (see the video for further information)

Only thing not filmed were plastic screws on the front top right and the silicone on the side left. ( As I forgot) Only thing not filmed were plastic screws on the front top right and the silicone on the side left. ( As I forgot)
View from the other sideView from the other side
Interior opposite viewInterior opposite view
First two side by sideFirst two side by side

As you can see if you watched the video I don’t always mask when spraying. I get away with it sometimes and not other times and this just comes down to how much effort and what look you wish to get.

I also don’t wait for things to try even when this effects finish. It’s the post apocalypse no one has time to watch paint dry, even if this marks the model. (in this case)

I like some of the colour going around and some paint chips worked into things as every time I see this in real life the chips are never removed anyway and paint flecks are all over.

I will do a photo tutorial showing how I do the metal and how to do this better. This was stolen from scale model people but who knew some cardboard could look so cool! (I didn’t) I also want to try and do a proper video but unsure of how this would come together or if I have the patience for it. Guess it can wait until a rainy day.

More to come! Perhaps something larger?

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Cult of Games Member

One pece of kit I would love to get my hands on is a laser cutter, will have to see if I can get access to one somehow.
Awesome work on this Project.

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