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Starting with gold leaf

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There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube about using gold leaf so I won’t bother to link to specific ones here.

The key steps are:

  • Apply a suitable glue
  • Wait for the glue to go tacky (timing depends on glue used)
  • Place gold leaf over area and gently brush down
  • Wait for glue to fully dry then brush off excess
  • Seal with a varnish

Normally I would have gone to a local hobby store to buy this sort of thing but avoiding an un-necessary journey I bought everything from Amazon.


This is the glue I went with, chosen because I only have wait 30 minutes before applying the gold leaf. Some other glues had much longer wait times.


Shopping around I found that you can get coloured copper leaf. Not only is this cheaper than gold leaf but the variety of colours will allow me to apply all the different colours I want to the project.


I’ll apply the glue with my usual paint brushes and apply the gold leaf with some cheap kid’s craft brushes. Once complete I’ll seal the models with the usual model varnishes.

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