Warlord Games Detail What’s Inside Project Z

February 20, 2016 by brennon

Warlord Games have put together a big preview piece on exactly what's going to be coming as part of Project Z. We'll kick things off with a look at what's going to be within the main game...

Project Z (Components)

Inside this set you get enough for three players to get going in the game...

  • 23x Zombies
  • 10x Male Survivors
  • 6x Biker Gangers (inc. 2 motorbikes)
  • Plus rules, dice, cards and counters

...however that's not all. There is some additional content coming your way with a bunch of plastic sets which include a range of different gangs and groups of survivors.

Zombie Horde

Of course one of the first things you're probably going to want is some zombies. This pack comes with twenty three more models that will be shambling around the city streets.

Spec Ops

Survivors are then on the cards with the addition of these Special Operations soldiers as well as Male Survivors, Female Survivors, and a Biker Gang. I think I'd rather be the professionals with the high powered weapons and buckets of training.

Male Survivors

Female Survivors

Biker Gang

I could see this being a good thing for a bunch of friends to pick up and play. You snap up the models, paint them up together, and get stuck into the game. It looks like it will be reliably supported as well which is exactly what you want.

Will you be keeping an eye out for this?

"I could see this being a good thing for a bunch of friends to pick up and play..."

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